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These articles are all highly relevant role. I believe this information can help you understand role's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • The role of bubble cover packaging machine Blister packaging The original blister packaging was mainly used for drug packaging. At that time, in order to overcome the disadvantages of inconvenient use of glass bottles, plastic bottles and other bottled drugs, large investment in packaging production line, and the need for dose packaging, small pill packaging is increasing, so in the 1950s, bubble packaging appeared and has been widely used. Later, through in-depth research and continuous improvement of blister packaging materials, technology and machinery, great progress has been made in packaging quality, speed and economy. Nowadays, in addition to drug tablets, colloidal and suppository packaging, it is also widely used in the packaging of food and daily necessities. If the use of automatic packaging machine, but also improve production efficiency, reduce costs. A blister package for a drug, which can protect the product from moisture, dust, pollution, theft and damage, prolong the


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  • The role of small single stamping machine Applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, suitable for all kinds of granular raw materials pressed into sheet products, especially suitable for laboratory, hospital and small batch production. Is a small continuous electric table press, when there is no electricity can be manual press, can press all kinds of granular, crystalline or flowing powder raw materials into flake, cylinder, ball, convex, concentric circle. It is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies, universities, security products, food, agriculture, chemical industry, electronic battery, ceramic metallurgy and other industries, and can also suppress the products with characters, trademarks, patterns. The machine has only one mold, which can adjust the filling depth and stamping thickness of the material, that is, the weight, thickness and hardness of the product. Just change different mold, you can press down different products.


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  • The role of a single stamping machine Single stamping machine presses all kinds of powder particles into flake, suitable for laboratory experiment production or a small amount of production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, heterogeneous tablets. This is a small (manual) electric continuous press with one set of stamping dies, adjustable filling depth and thickness. We can supply all kinds of moulds according to customer's requirement. The simple tablet press is suitable for chewing tablets, traditional Chinese medicine tablets, foaming agent, button battery, western medicine, electronic components, calcium tablets, chemical fertilizer tablets, oral liquid, mothballs (ball), milk tablets, candy, special-shape tablets, disinfection tablets, aromatic essence tablets, catalysts, pesticides tablets, ceramic powder, etc. The machine can press granular raw materials into sheets, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific


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  • The role of the tablet press The tablet press is mainly used in the research of tablet pressing technology in pharmaceutical industry. Automatic continuous film making equipment for forming round, special-shaped, character, symbol and graphic flaps of powder particles etc. Tablet press plays an important role in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and its main equipment affects most of the quality and economic indicators (pass rate, etc.). As is known to all, at present, China's tablet press is mainly single - chip and multi - punch two categories. The plate-pressing machine mainly moves up and down by rotating the grinding wheel to press the powder particles in the mold hole into the mold. The main disadvantages are high impact noise (pulse unidirectional pressure) and small output, which is only suitable for small batch production and laboratory experiment production. Multi - punch rotary tablet press is one of the most widely used tablet presses in pro


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