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These articles are all highly relevant sheet pressing machine. I believe this information can help you understand sheet pressing machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Use of die for sheet pressing machine In tablet production, tablet press and die are the equipment to press granular preparation into tablets directly. As the main consumables in the pressing process, the dosage of the die is very large. During the stamping process, shanyu die is mainly subjected to the axial alternating load, and its axial force is generally 50-100kN, which has a great loss to the die. Proper and reasonable usage can guarantee the quality of the tablet and the service life of the mold, thus reducing the transportation cost. During the use of the mold, attention should be paid to: (1) Die room shall be set up in the press section, and special personnel shall be responsible for the checking, inspection, maintenance, storage and release of molds. (2) The roughness of the mold should be checked before and after use to check whether there are flanging, missing Angle, blasting and wear of the sheet. The surface of engraving die should be bright to prevent sticking, il


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  • Stamping die installation for sheet pressing machine Before installing the presser, clean the surface of the turntable, the upper and lower punching rod holes, the middle die rod holes and the press die to be installed, and then install according to the following procedure. Open the plexiglass front door. To install the middle die: first, the fastening screw fixed on the rotary die is unscrewed bit by bit, so that the head of the screw is shrunk to the outside of the middle die hole, so that the middle die can be plugged into the middle die hole in the form. Then press the middle mold into the middle mold hole with a special middle mold handle until the middle mold goes under the middle mold hole and then tighten the middle mold retaining screw. To install the up-punch rod: turn up the upper guide rail tongue and insert the hole of the up-punch rod. (Please note that the punch shall be able to rise, fall and rotate freely within the punch hole without any hindrance).


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  • Die installation for sheet pressing machine Before the press die is installed, cut off the power supply, open the front cover, front cover seat and front door, and use the test car during installation. Specific installation is as follows: intermediate mold installation. Loosen the semi-die fixing screw and loosen the outer circle of the rotary table, but the head of the semi-die fixing screw should not expose the outer surface of the rotary table; Remove dirt from film hole with frame knife; Apply a little oil to the outer wall of the middle mold, place the middle mold on the top of the middle mold hole, hit the middle mold with the hand copper hammer first, so that the middle mold is introduced into two thirds of the depth, and then add the rubber pad assembly plate to hit it in place; The end of the membrane and the working surface of the membrane were measured at a scale of 0 ~ 0 mm. Press the retaining screw. Downflush mounting device. Clean and lubricate the downflush; Push the


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  • Press die for sheet pressing machine The die is an important part of the tablet press. Common faults in use include: punching rod wear, replacement, mainly due to too much pressure, punch bend affects the weight difference of tablets, need to be replaced. If the feeder is worn or not installed correctly, the bottom turntable of the feeder is worn closely to the plane, and the distance between the feeder's position and the bottom of the feeder and the bottom of the turntable is 0.05-0.1mm. Part of the caps on the head are not taken out in the feeder, which may cause wear or even damage to the machine in the stamping process. The pressure should not be too large, the machine should not be overloaded, found fault in time to deal with. For example, if detonation or beam wear occurs during stamping, replace the detonation or repair the replacement head. After replacing the feeder, clean the machine and separate the powder from the bottom. Improper installation of feeding machine caused rot


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  • The stamping of sheet pressing machine Compared with wet granulation, direct crushing technology also has the advantage of avoiding the influence of humidity and heat. In practical application, some drugs with unstable chemical properties, such as esters, starch, hydroxyl, phenols, vitamin C and vitamin E, are easy to be hydrolyzed. During wet granulation, many drugs that are unstable under the action of light and heat may undergo hydrolysis reactions, or may be destroyed by heat during particle drying, or may be due to complex processes that lead to the photosynthetic breakdown of the drug. In order to solve these problems, direct stamping process can be considered. Due to the simple process of direct powder pressing, no need for granulation and drying, it can effectively protect the stability of major drugs and avoid various unstable factors caused by wet granulation, thus ensuring the quality of products. Some of the drugs produced have a low melting point, after the drying of


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