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The articles shown below are all about the capsule filling, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the capsule filling. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these capsule filling articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Flowability of capsule filling material The fluidity of filling material also refers to the smoothness. The variety of filling material is often powder and granule, etc. The fluidity of filling material will directly affect the control of capsule loading accuracy. The Angle of recline, bulk density, particle size distribution and water content of powder or granule have direct influence on its fluidity. Generally speaking, when the filling powder or granules are piled up, the Angle of recline of granules is smaller than that of powder, so the flow of granules is good, and the filling precision of capsule filling is easy to control. Bulk density refers to the weight per unit volume of powder or granule. In the process of filling, the weight per unit volume is larger, and the fluidity is good. It is also easy to control the accuracy of capsule filling. On the contrary, the weight per unit volume is small, the fluidity is poor, and it is difficult to control the accuracy of capsule f


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  • Check after capsule filling Take the capsule of 10 products, gently pinch the two ends of the capsule with thumb and forefinger, rotate the capsule away without any bond, deformation or rupture, and then put talc powder into it. The cap and the capsule are closed, one after the other, and drop vertically on the 2cm thick plate at a height of 1 meter, and the powder should not leak. A small amount of powder shall not exceed 2 particles. If this limit is exceeded, an additional 10 capsules should be collected for new testing, all of which should meet the requirements. A plate of 50 capsules on vessel, into the dry container containing magnesium nitrate solution, to a constant temperature for 24 hours, remove and immediately, respectively, the vertical grain on the wood grain (2 cm) of glass tube, the weight of the cylindrical weight (ptfe material, 22 mm in diameter, about 20 g weight) from the glass tube mouth free fall, whether capsule rupture, such as fracture should not exceed


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  • What are the ways of capsule filling Most of the capsule filling machines in China are standard quantitative filling machines. The filling volume is determined by the thickness of the measuring plate and is related to the loose density of the filling material. At the same time, the accuracy of filling quantity control is related to the factors affecting the filling structure and the filling material itself. Filler material moisture absorption are factors that influence the control capsule filling accuracy when filling powder or particle viscosity high humidity is too large, illiquid, viscosity phenomenon of metropolitan produce plug powder, powder refers to a certain filling rod pressure measurement plate hole under powder cylinder cannot be pressed out phenomenon, powder filling usually any drug mixed filling process of powder or granule, humidity below 4%. In addition, the moisture absorption capacity of the filler is related to its critical relative humidity. Generally speakin


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  • Factors influencing capsule filling The factors influencing the filling quality of automatic capsule filling machine were analyzed. Methods The working principle of automatic capsule filling machine was expounded, and the factors affecting the filling quality of automatic capsule filling machine were analyzed. Results Different positions of automatic capsule filling machine had different effects on filling quality. Conclusion: The automatic filling capsule machine should be installed, tested, maintained, used and managed reasonably, and adjusted and maintained timely. Improve the performance, achieve the most stable state, make the product quality stable, stable production. All bearings are imported from Japan to ensure the operation precision and service life of the equipment. The control switch, button and indicator parts are imported from Japan, which guarantee the reliability and service life of the work. All industrial equipment components (air switches, AC instruments


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  • Work after capsule filling After the capsule filling machine has filled the capsule, part of the capsule needs polishing treatment. The use method of the capsule polishing machine: one straw of the special industrial vacuum cleaner is placed under the polishing closed cylinder; Another special industrial vacuum cleaner straw is attached to the top of the waste disposal unit. Connect industrial vacuum and mechanical polishing light source to adjust the speed of polishing machine. A small amount of waste shell capsules were used to adjust the negative pressure air volume of the waste shell machine, and only empty shell capsules were taken out. If the negative pressure is too high, good capsules may be inhaled. Too small to be useful for waste disposal. Adjust the amount of waste gas treated on the panel at the entrance of the industrial vacuum cleaner. The situation of waste disposal can be observed from the observation board in front of the waste disposal unit. The suction of the med


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  • Factors influencing the quality of capsule filling Automatic capsule filling machine is one of the main equipment for GMP conversion in capsule preparation production unit. It is characterized by small volume, low energy consumption, quick mold change, convenient operation and easy cleaning. According to the motion state, automatic filling capsules can be divided into two main types: intermittent type and continuous type. It is also an economical and practical capsule filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many factors affecting the quality of the automatic capsule filling machine, among which the powder filling agency and the capsule tower conveyor station are the important factors. The filling mechanism is mainly composed of six disks for measuring intermittent rotary motion, six disks for axial motion (axial position is adjustable) and one automatic feeding screw powder. The rotating measuring plate has six sets of cylindrical holes (measuring Chambers), t


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  • Preparation of capsule filling materials If the pure product is pressed to the appropriate particle size to meet the requirements of capsule filling, that is, the direct filling agent, but most drugs, fluidity and other aspects of the problem, need to add certain diluents, lubricants and other excipients to meet the content or clinical drug requirements. Sucrose, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, modified starch, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talcum powder, high-performance lubricating powder, etc., can generally be added to improve the fluidity of the powder or avoid stratification. It can also be filled with excipients after granulation. Capsule specification selection and sets and seal: quantity need to choose according to the empty capsule drug specifications, doses of drugs in accordance with the relevant provisions on behalf of the empty capsule low capacity to choose, but then decided to first according to the empirical test and a common approach is to use material


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  • Problems that are easy to occur in capsule filling Loading difference. The main reasons are capsule factor, drug factor, filling equipment factor and so on. If filling is required, the fluidity of the drug can be improved by adding appropriate excipients or particle preparation methods. The filling equipment must be repaired and maintained in a timely manner to ensure its normal operation. Moisture absorption. This is the most common problem in the preparation of capsule filling, because after water absorption, the contents of the capsule will become soft, dense and even moist, while after water absorption, the capsule will become soft and deformed, affecting the quality and efficacy of drugs. The solutions are as follows: on the one hand, strictly control the ambient temperature and humidity during the storage of empty capsules, and treat and fill the materials; On the other hand, improve the preparation process (such as granulation, waterproof coating, etc.), and then adopt moi


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