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stretch film vacuum packing machine

These are related to the stretch film vacuum packing machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in stretch film vacuum packing machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand stretch film vacuum packing machine market.
  • Function introduction of stretch film vacuum packing machine Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is a kind of vacuum packing machine, the use of fields and products are more, such as a variety of food, meat products, seafood, medicine, hardware components, medical equipment, etc., can be pumped out, inflatable, fitting packaging. It is the most efficient machine and equipment in the vacuum packing machine. Here is a brief introduction to the main functions of the automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine. (1) photoelectric tracking, customers can choose color film or light film for product packaging, product grade is not only improved, the cost is also quite low, is a good choice for many enterprises; (2) Adopt the combined mold, easy to change, one machine can be multi-purpose, at the same time with cooling system; (3) The form of packaging is not fixed. It can be packaged according to the requirements of customers. Is after the vacuum is pumped, according to


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  • The advantages of stretch film vacuum packing machine 1. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions Mechanical packaging can liberate workers from intense and heavy repetitive labor, and can avoid and reduce highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, dust and other conditions on the workers' body, greatly improve the working conditions. 2. It can greatly improve the production efficiency and speed up the continuous renewal of products The production capacity of packaging machinery is generally more than ten times or even dozens of times higher than that of manual packaging, which undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the renewal of packaging patterns of products. And these are manual work can not be compared. 3. It can save materials, reduce costs and protect the environment Some dust, liquid materials in the process of manual packaging easy to escape, bubble, splash and other phenomena, the use of mechanical packaging can prevent the loss of product


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  • The function of stretch film vacuum packing machine The vacuum machine can be vacuum, inflatable, fit packaging in one; Using the original German Beck vacuum pump, Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan made touch man-machine interface, configuration part of the quality is very good; Mainly applicable to all kinds of meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, medicine, hardware and various articles of vacuum packaging; Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum machine with high cost performance. The environmental protection of vacuum packaging not only has high working efficiency, but also saves time and effort. It can help enterprises to develop better. Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is also known as automatic vacuum packing machine. The principle of this automatic vacuum packing machine is to use the forming mold, the film is heated first, and then the forming mold is rushed into the shape of the container, and then the packaging into the formed membrane cavi


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  • The use of stretch film vacuum packing machine Recently, continuous vacuum packaging machine has gradually entered our packaging field of vision. Because of its high degree of automation, it can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and people begin to use this equipment in large numbers. The equipment is famous for its high efficiency, fast and high output, and began to occupy a place in the packaging market. However, customers in a large number of use at the same time, but also to pay more attention to the operation of continuous vacuum packaging machine need to pay attention to matters, in order to prevent illegal operation. 1. When the continuous vacuum sealing machine works continuously, or the vacuum pump works continuously for more than half an hour, the operator needs to connect the cooling water source to ensure the quality of the vacuum sealing and the safe operation of the equipment. 2. When the equipment is stopped, the vacuum pump should be turned o


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  • Stretch film vacuum packing machine using steps Stretch film vacuum packing machine operation procedures: 1. Install the film: when the film frame is on the work surface, open the upper frame and pull the film slightly over the right edge of the frame, and press the upper frame to clamp the film. 2. Lift: Check whether the "box selection" switch K3 is in the "continuous" position, and press the "lift" switch. 3. So the membrane frame can be automatically continuous up to close to the switch control of the fixed point automatic stop, before the lifting frame must be prior to the film reel loose, so as to avoid adhesion between the membrane to stop the rise of the membrane frame. 4. Put the tray with packaged goods in the vacuum room of the working vacuum packing machine, and use tools instead of pushing it directly by hand, in case of electrical failure and personal injury. 5. Press the "automatic packaging" switch, film heating, heat preservation and suction three pro


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  • Principle and flow of stretch film vacuum packing machine The working principle of stretch film vacuum packing machine is relatively simple, that is, the stretch film vacuum sealing machine needs to use the molding mold, the film must be heated to a certain extent, and then the molding mold is used to fill the shape of the container, and then the product needs to be loaded into the molding of the lower mold cavity, and then vacuum packaging. Stretch film vacuum packing machine mainly has four workflow, vacuum, heat sealing, air return and circulation. The following is a detailed introduction: 1.Vacuum: The vacuum chamber of the stretch-film vacuum packing machine is closed. The vacuum chamber starts to vacuum when the vacuum pump starts to work. At the same time, the vacuum in the packing bag is vacuum. At the same time of vacuum operation, the two-position three-way solenoid valve IDT works, the vacuum of the heat-sealed gas chamber is kept, and the hot-pressed frame is kept in pla


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  • Control system of stretch film vacuum packing machine 1, Germany Siemens PLC control. 2, Germany Siemens man-machine interface touch screen, control screen push-pull design, simple and convenient operation. 3, Germany Siemens servo system control, high speed and high precision, to ensure that the molding and heat sealing effect in the production process is beautiful, at the same time to ensure that each step is stable and accurate. 4, Adopts Regina chain imported from Italy, Nulide cylinder and SMC solenoid valve to ensure the precise coordination of machinery. 5, Siemens series low-voltage electrical appliances, with perfect safety protection measures, so that the equipment can work continuously, improve the stability of electrical appliances and service life cycle. 6, electrical appliances and servo installation separately, equipment work without signal interference, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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  • The main function of stretch film vacuum packing machine 1, Packaging machine can do single-side stretch molding, double-side stretch molding, double-side cursor positioning stretch molding, hard film stretch molding, close stretch packaging, improve production efficiency, improve product packaging appearance grade, reduce packaging cost and labor cost, save energy cost. 2, Double-sided molding, can achieve double-sided photoelectric eye positioning, cutting corners, with easy to tear, play hanging hole and other functions. 3, according to different customer product packaging needs, customized special mold production, at the same time one machine can produce a variety of products. 4, On the basis of vacuum packaging, the equipment can realize the functions of adjustable gas packaging (filling mixed gas and nitrogen), etc. 5, equipment with solid and liquid mixed packaging. 6, the equipment can achieve date printing or inkjet coding.


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  • Stretch film vacuum packing machine 1. When people are using the stretch film machine, if the heat sealing temperature is high, it will lead to too much heat in the film, and then there is a wrinkling phenomenon. At this time, we can reduce the heat sealing temperature and reduce the heat in the film to solve the problem. 2, when the machinery and equipment to stop using the membrane within the heat sealing plate stay for a long time, can also lead to membrane by too much heat, shrink film showed when use, should be to ensure that the film has been running in the process of production, reduce the number of key, can effectively avoid the film heat and contraction deformation problems more, Causes the film to appear in the use process has the wrinkle phenomenon. 3. We are a professional manufacturer of vacuum packing machine. The stretch film vacuum packing machine produced by our company can be equipped with automatic coding system according to the packaging requirements of use


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  • Energy saving of stretch film vacuum packing machine 1, waste recycling system, the use of ultra-low power motor device, energy saving, no noise, simple disassembly and assembly, improve the operational efficiency of personnel waste treatment. 2, molding workshop and heat sealing studio with water cooling system, environment has a certain energy-saving effect on packing, food packing workshop on environmental temperature is higher, forming and heat sealing studio has high temperature, serious impact on the environment temperature, thus increasing the packing workshop refrigerating capacity, water cooling system, studio in high temperature by water flow, The surface temperature of the workshop is taken away to save refrigeration energy for the ambient temperature of the packaging workshop. 3, electric heating plate heating control, using a number of independent control heating, so that the heating plate heating uniform, better heat sealing effect, rather than by high temperature cond


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