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These articles are all highly relevant blister packing machine. I believe this information can help you understand blister packing machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Application of PLC control in blister packing machine PLC control of traction part According to the calculation, the working stroke of the CAM at the forming and heat sealing parts of the bubble cover is. Push movement time 0.5 seconds, far rest time 1.5 seconds, return movement time 0.5 seconds, near rest time 0.5 seconds. When the CAM of the shape and heat sealing part is in the state of push motion, the fixed mechanical gas clamp is loosened, the dynamic mechanical gas clamp is clamped, and the PVC sheet is pulled forward. This process is completed by PLC controller to control the opening and closing of the cylinder to complete. When the CAM is in the far rest position, that is, the whole machine is in the working state, the fixed mechanical gas clamp hand clamped, the dynamic mechanical gas clamp hand loosened, the work part began to work, including the completion of preheating, bubble forming and heat sealing. When the CAM is in the return movement state, the fixed mechanical


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  • Blister packing machine substrate material Blister packing substrates for tablets and capsules are often coated with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, good barrier and shading, so it can effectively protect the packaging, and is widely used in drug bubble packaging. Aluminum foil is the sealing material on the medicinal plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheet, so it is also known as the capping material. Aluminum foil is made of 99 - grade electrolytic aluminum after calendering. It is non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent electrical conductivity and shading, with high moisture resistance, gas resistance and taste. Aluminum foil also has good printing suitability, both sides can print word patterns. The thickness of aluminum foil material for printing is usually between 0.021 and 0.027mm, which is composed of aluminum foil layer, printing ink layer, protective layer and adhesive layer. PTP aluminum foil according to the way of use, ther


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  • Hot pressure sealing of blister packing machine In the process of hot pressing sealing of the drum type aluminum plastic bubble cover packaging, the pvC-belt and aluminum foil are closed by meshing the roller and the roller, which are parallel to each other, under a certain temperature and pressure. The contact between the heat sealing roller and the roller is linear, and the pressure required is relatively small. In the process of hot pressing sealing of plate type aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging, pvC-band and aluminum foil are completed by parallel plate heat sealing plate and reticulated plate in the same plane under the action of certain temperature and pressure. The contact between the heat sealing plate and the reticulated plate is a surface contact, and the pressure required is either cylindrical or flat type hot sealing, when the heat sealing reticulated is relatively large. Clear, different shades of reticulation, thermal bonding P V C with running position caused by ru


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  • The forming device of blister packing machine Aluminum-plastic bubble cap packing machine is specially designed and produced for small pharmaceutical factories, health products factories, food factories, hospital preparation rooms and other packaging machinery, mainly used for packaging capsules, tablets, rubber pills, suppositories, milk tablets, candy, hardware and other solid medicine and food. The packing machine mainly includes the body, the unwinding mechanism, the heating device, the packaging material forming device, the heat sealing device, the punching device and the finished product output device, among which the forming device is one of the more important core mechanisms. The forming device of the existing blister packaging machine mainly comprises the mounting frame, column, upper die seat and lower die seat, the lower die seat is sliding arranged on the column, the upper die seat is fixed on the upper end of the column, the lower die seat is provided with a concave die,


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  • Technological parameters of blister packing machine The key process parameters (CPP) of aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging include forming temperature, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and punching speed. The forming quality of the bubble cap is related to the forming temperature, and the heat sealing effect is related to the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and speed. Heat sealing temperature is too high, it is easy to lead to high energy consumption and even perforation may affect the quality of the product, too low is bad heat sealing; Heat sealing pressure is too large, it is easy to pressure through aluminum foil, too small will lead to lax heat sealing; Associated with heat sealing time and speed, speed is too fast heat sealing time is short, needs the heat sealing temperature and pressure in order to guarantee the heat sealing qualified, speed is too slow heat sealing time is long, easy to cause the burning or blister deformation, hence need to


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  • Plate type automatic blister packing machine This machine is suitable for aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic, aluminum-aluminum composite sealing packaging of capsule, tablet, honey pill, candy, one-time syringe, gel mask and special-shaped products in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries. This machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed control, high degree of automation, easy to operate, is the ideal blister packaging equipment. 1, molding, heat sealing, indentation, punching and other parts in the same plane of the fuselage can be arbitrarily adjusted spacing, adapt to various sizes of drug version packaging, high precision, strong applicability. 2, stroke can be adjusted, automatic feeding, plate heating, positive pressure molding, upper and lower mesh, cylinder heat sealing, automatic indentation, batch number, manipulator traction, simple operation, reliable operation. 3,


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  • Advantages of blister packing machine This aluminum-plastic bubble cap packing machine is based on the advantages of similar foreign products, beautiful appearance, very low noise, compact structure, smooth operation, simple operation, internal heating, PVC heating uniform, bubble cap forming firm. There is no bubble loss when the machine is shut down or started up, so as to avoid the waste of packaging materials. Filling, blistering, heat sealing, printing batch number, plate blanking can be continuous operation, easy installation, debugging and maintenance, small volume, low price, light weight, is the advanced aluminum plastic blistering packaging machine at home and abroad. The aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and automatic control technology of integration of machine, electricity, light and gas, and is designed in strict accordance with pharmaceutical GMP standards. It has adjustable stroke, photoelectricity plate of picture


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  • Blister packing machine development type Blister packaging machine uses PVC sheet width of 170mm and 270mm, PVC bubble bubble sheet running speed up to 2m/rain, high blanking capacity up to 30 times /min, each station is intermittent movement. Heat sealing right upper and lower mold surface contact, in order to ensure the sealing quality, should have adequate temperature and pressure and sealing time, so the plate type blister packaging machine is easy to realize high speed, but the heat sealing consumed power is larger, sealing strong degree of sealing effect is good, suitable for small and medium-sized bulk drug packaging and special shape goods packaging. The biggest feature of the flat blister packing machine is that the bubble bubble stretching ratio is large and the bubble bubble depth is 35mm, which can meet the packaging needs of big honey pills and medical equipment. At present, the plate type blister packaging machine have developed several types: some sealing device can be


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  • Heat sealing time of blister packing machine Heat sealing time will also affect the heat sealing strength of the product. Under normal circumstances, under the same heat sealing temperature and pressure, a longer heat sealing time can make the heat sealing part more firmly and perfectly sealed, and can better achieve the expected heat sealing strength. But the process conditions of modern high-speed medicine packaging machine can not provide a long time for heat sealing, if the heat sealing time is too short, the bonding layer and PVC film between the heat sealing will be insufficient. For this reason, the national standard stipulates the scientific heat sealing time for 1s. In general, there are many factors affecting the packaging and heat sealing strength of aluminum foil medicine, and each aspect will independently affect the heat sealing strength of the product. One of the most important factors is the adhesive, of course, other aspects of the impact can not be ignored. This re


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  • Operation and characteristics of blister packing machine Plate type blister packaging machine operation process and working procedures: molding pieces of plastic in the plate type preheater heated to softening plastic state, by stepping device traction to the plate type forming device, use compressed air to soften hard blow molding of plastic (or stamping molding) into a blister, filling device will be packaging filling into the bubble, and then transfer to a plate type sealing device, At the right temperature and pressure. The plastic sheet is sealed with aluminum foil, and finally sent to the typing, embossing and punching device. The batch number is printed, the breaking line is pressed out, and the plate is punched into the specified size. Namely: molding plastic hard sheet unwinding → preheating → blowing molding → material filling → sealing and covering aluminum foil → marking batch number → pressing breaking line → stepping → punching → collecting waste. In recent years, some


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