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These articles are all highly relevant classification. I believe this information can help you understand classification's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • All kinds of classification of packing machine 1. Classification according to the degree of automation of packaging machinery (1) Automatic packaging machine Automatic packaging machine is automatically feeding packaging materials and contents, and can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine. (2) Semi-automatic packaging machine Semi-automatic packaging machine is by manual delivery of packaging materials and contents, but can automatically complete other packaging processes of the machine. 2. Classify by type of packaging products (1) special packaging machine special packaging machine is specially used for packaging a product of the machine. (2) multi-purpose packaging machine multi-purpose packaging machine is by adjusting or replacing the relevant working parts, can package two or more kinds of products of the machine. (3) General packaging machine General packaging machine is suitable for packaging two or more different types of products within the s


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  • Classification of packing machine (1) packaging machinery according to the degree of automation classification can be divided into automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine. Automatic packing machine is a machine which can automatically feed packaging materials and contents, and automatically complete other packaging processes. Semi-automatic packing machine is a kind of machine which can automatically complete other packing processes by providing packaging materials and contents manually. (2) According to the type of packaging products, it is divided into special packaging machine, multi-purpose packaging machine and general packaging machine. Special packaging machine is a machine specially used for packaging a product. Multi-purpose packing machine is a machine that can pack two or more products by adjusting or replacing the relevant working parts. A general packaging machine is a machine suitable for two or more products within a specified range.


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  • Classification of packaging machinery The most commonly used classification method is according to the packaging process to the classification, can be divided into direct packaging machine and auxiliary packaging machine. Packaging machinery that completes packaging operations such as packaging, filling and filling is called main packaging machinery or main packaging machinery; The packaging machinery engaged in cleaning, drying, testing, sealing, measuring, transportation, stacking is called auxiliary packaging machinery. Packing machine: The packing machine is used for product packing. According to different technology, it can be divided into kink packing machine, pillow packing machine, folding packing machine, envelope packing machine, horizontal packing machine, etc. Packing machine: Packing machine is used to pack powder or particle into solid goods. There are two kinds of filling machines: direct filling machines and bag making machines. The direct filling machine is made of


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  • Classification of capsule filler machines Automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into intermittent motion and continuous motion according to the motion state. For the intermittent motion filling machine, the influence of filling position on the quality of capsule filling cannot be ignored. For example, the fourth station is a volumetric device for filling small, pressure-free particles. During the equipment validation process, GMP certification must be created from two aspects: first, the volume and consistency of each compartment is mistakenly manufactured in parallel; On the other hand, the volume change of each compartment is in the production debugging; On the other hand, the physical properties of particles, such as particle fluidity, particle size distribution, viscosity, gravity, roundness, etc. The failure of automatic capsule filling machine cannot be eliminated, and the work place will affect the filling quality. When capsule manufacturers use automatic capsul


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  • Classification of capsules Capsule is divided into soft capsule and hard capsule commonly, hard capsule has gelatin capsule and plant capsule again cent. The hard capsule is composed of two exquisitely processed capsule shells. Capsules come in different sizes, including capsule Numbers 000#, 00#, 0# -5 #. The printed text can also be coloured on the capsule to give a unique and personal feel. One part of the capsule body has a tapered edge, allowing the capsule to be gently encapsulated in a high-speed filling machine. Double closed loop system can make the capsule sealed before filling and completely sealed after filling. The capsule is also designed to include permeable holes to prevent unnecessary air pressure entering the capsule during the high-speed filling process, resulting in a reaction. Plant capsule is a hollow capsule made of plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharide to meet the needs of preparation and localization of the capsule. It retains all the a


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  • Classification of tablets Ordinary tablet: A tablet mixed with an excipient, usually taken with water. Capsule: A piece used to line the cardiac membrane. The purpose of coating is to improve the stability of the drug in the tablet, cover up the odor of the drug, improve the appearance of the tablet and so on. Sugar-coated tablets refer to tablets made from sugar-coated materials. The coated film refers to the flake of subcontracted polymer film; Enteric-coated tablets refer to the insoluble gastric juice which is outsourced, but the soluble long-leaf tablets are used to prevent gastric juice damage and gastric irritation. Multilayer tablet: Tablet consisting of two or more layers (different ingredients, formulations, or colors) to improve appearance or regulate duration of action, or to reduce exposure to two layers of medication, or to reduce changes in compatibility, etc. Tablets may be divided into two or more layers from top to bottom, or several layers, concentr


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  • Classification of blister packaging machines Blister packaging machines are classified according to the following principles: roller blister packaging machine, flat type blister packaging machine and roller plate type blister packaging machine. (1) the roller type Because the forming, closing, and surface bubbles of the grain roll strip are all wound around the rollers in their operations and the bubbles are formed, they are not suitable for the larger, deeper, and more complex, as well as the smaller volume of the pharmaceutical packaging. In addition, because the roller formed by vacuum negative pressure, the thickness of uniform thin and mouth foam is very small, and the forming speed should not be too high, so the working frequency of the machine cannot be too high; Generally speaking, the frequency of stamping is 30-40 times per day, which affects the application of stamping to some extent. However, drum machines are simple, easy to synchronize, reliable and economical


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