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These are related to the operation news, in which you can learn about the updated information in operation, to help you better understand and expand operation market. Because the market for operation is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • The operation of aluminum-plastic packaging machine Some advanced technology of aluminum bubble cover packaging machine equipped with a variety of automatic monitoring devices, can play a variety of protection, in the discovery of the following problems automatically stop the machine operation (1) Open the safety cover; (2) insufficient pressure of compressed air; (3) the heating temperature is not enough; (4) PV C film or aluminum foil is used up; (5) The packaged medicine is used up (6) Mechanical overload at some stations; (7) Circuit overload. The machine cannot be started until the following problems are resolved (1) The safety cover is not completely closed; (2) insufficient pressure of compressed air; (3) the heating temperature is not enough; (4) Lack of PVC or aluminum foil film; (5) Overload or other faults have not been removed; (6) The setting of function keys is wrong, and the emergency stop/start key is not reset.


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  • Tablet press operation (1) The standard operating procedure for pressing tablet equipment is to install the middle die, the upper punching, the lower punching, the powder scraper, the feed hopper, the flow tray, the exhaust pipe of the dust removal machine in turn, and to install and connect the tablet powder remover. The installation of the special shape pressing die: mount the punching die, and position the middle die with the punching die. And according to the number of the mold into the number. Other procedures are the same as ordinary tablet pressing. And other production equipment ready. (2) rotate the handwheel by hand, make the turntable rotate 1-2 times, after confirming that there is no abnormality, close the glass door, put the right amount of particles into the hopper, manually test the pressure, adjust the tablet weight, pressure, measure the tablet weight and the difference of the tablet weight, disassembling time, hardness, confirm that it meets the requirements and be


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  • The operation of a tablet press Add the particles to the hopper. First, manually rotate the disc to fill the mold hole with particles. Before the tablet, roughly adjust the steering wheel and the filling hand swing, make the thickness and weight of the tablet close to the predetermined value, then press the power button, and then start the start button. Filling adjustment: the principle from low to high shall be followed until the standard weight of the component. Pressure adjustment: according to the principle of first loosening and then tightening, gradually increase the pressure, adjust the pressure, in order to better meet the quality requirements of varieties. Determine the average pressure, standard deviation, upper and lower limits of a single value according to the average pressure and upper and lower deviation; The standard deviation is usually set between 5 and 10, the upper and lower limits of the unit value between 5 and 10, plus/minus the average pressure va


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  • Operation of capsule filling machine Structurally, the top of the rotating cylinder is a large, empty capsule can; At the top end of the rotating barrel, there is an external feeding tube, and the bottom of the feeding tube is equipped with a door to control the exit of the capsule. There is an internal fork close to the rotating cylinder and an external closing lever. A measuring tube is installed in the inner layer of the tube. The measuring tube moves vertically according to the curve of the CAM groove in the tube, and the rotation of the tube is simplified. The lower flange of the drum is equipped with an upper support fixed mold corresponding to the number of feed tubes to limit the cap body to fall off when the empty capsule is opened, leaving the cap body in the mold on the upper support. Above the flange is the positioning device to complete the inverted capsule. Below is the lower support mold of the capsule body, in addition to the simple rotation motion, but also accordin


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  • Operation of semi-automatic capsule machine 1.Press the switch button on the "power switch", and the power will be switched on. 2. Slowly adjust the "strong and weak vibration adjusting bar" and rotate clockwise. 3. Put the capsule shell into the capsule plate, about 300 pieces at a time. Place the capsule cover into the capsule cover plate, about 300 capsules at a time. The finished plate is made of SLATE and has a number of small funnel-shaped round holes at the top and bottom, corresponding to the diameter of the capsule. At this point, shake the capsule shell inside the capsule plate so that it moves steadily and slowly back and forth, allowing each particle to enter the hole. 4. After about 30 seconds, the capsule body and cap fall into the circular hole, opening upwards. In the case of a single downward opening, the capsule can be removed by gently pressing the top of the capsule. 5. Manually connect the capsule shell horizontally to the board at the bottom of t


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  • Precautions for operation of semi-automatic capsule filling machine 1. Arrange professional full-time staff to operate and maintain. The operator must have the appropriate quality, the use of methods and strict compliance with safety regulations after a basic understanding of the operating instructions, and do routine maintenance work. 2. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the device and pay attention to warning signs affixed to the machine. 3. Do not install the equipment in the heat, humidity, vibration, strong, easy to make a collision or flammable place. 4. Before using the device according to the machine ground signs indicating access to the ground. 5. To confirm the voltage of power supply must meet the specifications of the machine and kept within safe limits. 6. Keep the device electrical box door closed to prevent moisture or dust particles flying into the cause short circuit, and the timing of the electrical box in the dust to clean up (Must b


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  • Precautions for operation of capsule polishing machine Before power on, rotate the principal shaft of the motor with hand to check there is no phenomenon of seizing-up. Check every fastener to see whether it is tightened. Insert the power plug of the vacuum cleaner in the socket under the machine body; connect the hose of the cleaner and the cleaner starts working first. Then switch on the power, pour a small amount of medicine, and regulate the speed-regulating knob to change the rotational speed till the clean degree of the medicine surface reaches a satisfactory effect. The rotational speed is inversely proportional to the clean degree. In order to recover surplus medicinal powder, we suggest that the medicine should be sifted with a big mesh sifter before it is polished.


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