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These articles are all highly relevant use. I believe this information can help you understand use's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • The use of stretch film packing machine 1. Before starting the machine, check whether the pressure of the compressed air reaches the request (above 0.6bar), and check whether the primary parts are intact, such as heating belt, scissors, car parts, etc. Check whether there are other people around the machine together to ensure the safety after boot. 2. Open the CIP cleaning system to clean the feeding system and metering machine before delivery, so as to ensure the hygiene of goods. 3. Close the air switch of the main power supply, turn on the power supply to start the machine, set and check the temperature of the temperature controller, put on the film, adjust the color standard, put on the coding ribbon, and determine whether the coding date and the relevant characters are consistent with the products produced on that day. 4. First adjust the bag-making and check the coding function, open the feeding system together, when the material arrives at the request, open the bag-making me


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  • Use of manual tablet press 1. the first use should be compared with the physical machine carefully read the instructions, and then use. 2. the machine can only run in a certain direction (see the hand wheel or the arrow on the protective cover) can not be reversed, so as not to damage the parts. Be careful not to neglect when pressing and adjusting tablets. 3. Belt tightness adjustment: it can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the mechanical and electrical bottom plate. After the adjustment, pay attention to the lock. 4. When no power supply is used, the triangular belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But do not remove the big belt, because the big pulley labor-saving role. 5. When electric pressing the tablet, the rotating handle on the handwheel must be knocked down to avoid hurting people when running. 6. Whether manual or electric tablet pressing, the upper punch core bar should be in the rising position before starting, and then start. If the


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  • How to use automatic capsule filling machine? Before using the automatic capsule filling machine, please check whether all parts of the machine and equipment are in good condition, and disinfect and clean the instrument as required. According to the filling volume and other process requirements, select the appropriate tray, powder or particle filling system specifications. 1. The support is placed parallel to the material plate, and the filling rod is perpendicular to the support, so as to ensure that the filling rod can easily enter the filling hole of the material plate. Loosen the fixing screw and lock nut, rotate the screw to the desired height, calibration lever has scale, then tighten the screw and nut, fill seat height adjustment is finished. 2. After all the safety configurations have been configured and adjusted, the machine should be rotated 1-3 times in the absence of capsules and drugs to turn the machine to the working direction and turn it back with the hand whee


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  • The use of tablet press 1. Before use, it is necessary to repeatedly check the die quality of the tablet press for lack of edges, cracks, deformation, insufficient compaction, etc., and check whether the equipment is complete and operates normally. 2. Check whether the dust in the granule raw materials is dry and whether the dust content in the granule does not exceed 10%. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation and service life of the tablet press, and affect the loss of raw materials. 3, the first machine is a dish of pressure regulator control instruction to 6, pour the powder into the feeder, test wheel, hand and drug regulation at the same time, inflation pressure to increase the weight, hard and soft finished product, and then start the engine, open the clutch and the formal production operations, in the process of production, should check the quality of drugs, if not qualified, need to make the necessary adjustments. 4. The choice of speed directly affects the


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  • The use of a single stamping machine Single punch press can press powder and granular raw materials into tablets, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospital, laboratory tests and other fields. The following points should be paid attention to when using a single stamping machine: Before the first use, you should carefully read the instructions against the actual machine before use. The machine can only run in a certain direction and cannot be reversed to avoid damaging the parts. In particular, don't ignore stress regulation. Belt tightening adjustment: It can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical base plate and pay attention to locking. When there is no power supply, the triangular belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But don't take the big pulley off, because the big pulley has the function of flywheel labor. The handle on the big handwheel should be lowered to avoid damage. No matter manual or voltage,


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  • The use of capsule filling machine 1. Press the green button on the "power switch" and the power will start. 2. Adjust the "Strong and weak adjustment button" and rotate clockwise. At the moment, the processing plate, which holds the "vibratory struts" together, begins to vibrate, and the touch of the hand on the processing plate is adjusted to feel the specific intensity of the oscillation. 3. Package the capsules in powder form. The capsules are put into "powder cartridges", each containing about 300 particles. Place the capsule LIDS into the "finished capsule LIDS," each containing about 300 capsules. It is made of plexiglass with a large round funnel on the glass and a small funnel hole at the bottom, the diameter of which is the same as that of the capsule. 4.After about 30 seconds, after filling the capsule and closing the lid, land in a round hole and open and open again. If someone opens the bottom, lift the capsule by gently pressing on the lid. 5. Horizontal


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