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If you want to know more about the development, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the development industry. More news about development, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more development information!
  • Development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery The development of packaging machinery provides a necessary guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of food and drugs. If the production process is the internal process of food and drug production, then the packaging process is its external form. Due to the particularity of drug production, drug packaging from materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to labeling treatment is more stringent than food packaging, the restrictions are more stringent. This makes the development of drug packaging machinery into a relatively independent machinery industry. In the aspect of packaging machinery design, insufficient consideration was taken in the design, and sufficient space was not left for further transformation. As a result, the designed machinery could only adapt to several simple templates, and could not adapt to the change of packaging machinery material or template size. In addition, many mechanical


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  • The development of packaging materials The development of packaging industry is an important symbol of cultural development and scientific and technological progress. Since the 1950s, the rise of composite materials has triggered a revolution in the field of packaging, and the continuous development of composite technology. At present, a variety of new composite materials have emerged, which has a certain impact on the application of aluminum foil. Such as: 1) due to the aluminum foil packing food cannot be directly for microwave processing, a high separation are the latest in a microwave food packaging materials, namely on the base material such as plastic plating a thin layer of silicon oxide, make the material has high barrier property, high microwave permeability and transparency, suitable for high-temperature cooking, microwave processing, such as food packaging, packaging, can also be used for beverage and cooking oil However, the production cost of this material is very hi


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  • The development of single stamping machine With the continuous expansion of production scale and application scope, the single-punch tablet press is more and more understood and used by everyone, at the same time, people also put forward many new performance requirements. The defects of single punch press restrict the further expansion of its application range and can not meet the needs of some special production. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the performance of the existing single punch press to meet the needs of new era production. The application of distributed direct drive technology. The transmission system of traditional tablet press is complicated in structure, with high vibration and noise at high speed, and its controllability and flexibility are poor. Manesty British company production FlexiTab * type single stamping machine, adopting distributed direct-drive technology, the traditional transmission system is divided into multiple independent direct driving modu


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  • Development of high speed tablet press The tablet press is developing towards high speed and high output. In order to meet the needs of the intensive development of pharmaceutical factories, the original type of tablet presses with the production capacity of 20,000 to 50,000 yuan per hour cannot meet the market demand. Therefore, in the past few years, domestic has developed a number of high-speed tablet machine manufacturers. The trend towards standardization and serialization. The production equipment can be standardized and systematized according to the user can choose and buy the standardization and serialization of equipment, no matter from the specifications, parameters, parts, molds are standardized and serialized. Versatility. The versatility of the tablet press marks the level of research and development in pharmaceutical machinery factories as well as the individual needs of users. For example: ZPW23 tablet press can press double layer tablet, ring tablet, ZPD25 tabl


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  • Development of single - stamping and multi - stamping machines Tablet press is suitable for laboratory experiment production or small batch production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, heteromorphic tablets. The machine for continuous pressing is equipped with one set of punching die, with adjustable filling depth and thickness. The high speed rotary tablet press has the characteristics of high productivity, high pressure, continuous prepressure adjustment, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, reliable operation, wide range of material selection, low operation cost and good performance ratio. In addition, the machine has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight. When working, the machine should be rotated to a high position to observe whether the surface of the lower punch is flush with the middle die, or whether the surface of the lower punch is flush with the middle die. If not fl


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  • Development of automatic packaging machines The rapid development of industrial scale production in recent years has led to the rapid development of automation and intelligence of various professional production lines, especially in the field of packaging, which used to be a field with high labor intensity. As an industry also tends to automation and intelligent packaging field, the emergence of automatic packaging line greatly increases the need to meet the production automation of packaging machinery, improve the safety and accuracy of packaging area, so as to release more packaging labor. The need for only one person to manage the operation of the entire production line can be considered as the great significance of the emergence of specialized production lines. The development of production not only improves the quality of products, but also improves the ability to meet diversified market demands. Now, more and more customers demand, not only in the product quality, per


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  • Development of blister packaging In addition to all kinds of bottle packaging, blister packaging can be considered as the most commonly used packaging. Blister packaging has many advantages, it can provide patients with a single dose of drug packaging, convenient and economical. In addition, aluminum-plastic blister packaging protects the performance of the drug, which is fast in production, low in cost, small in storage space, light in weight, convenient in transportation, safe and reliable. Because blister packaging has instructions printed on the surface, incorrect distribution of several tablets can be avoided. Therefore, blister packaging will become the main way of tablet and capsule packaging. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of pharmaceutical blister packaging and the problems that should be paid attention to in the printing coating. Blister packaging is the most commonly used ideal packaging method in drug packaging. By aluminum foil, formi


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  • Development of capsules The preparation process of Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into two parts: extraction process and molding process. In order to solve the common problems in the production of traditional Chinese medicine capsule preparations, some Chinese scholars put forward the concept of "granulated capsule" (such as biscuit). Assuming that the total volume capsule is M V and the prepared daily dose is according to the formula M = P V, we know that with M, it is necessary to reduce the particle heap density required by the increase of V, that is to say, reducing the number of particles significantly increases the particle density. If the prepared particles have small specific surface area, smooth and round appearance, dense texture, not only waterproof, but also easy to package. Membrane coating can not only improve the moisture resistance of particles more effectively, but also change the external color of particles through the packaging of special materials t


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  • Development of capsule filling machine Capsule filling machine is a special capsule filling equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also an important pharmaceutical equipment such as pharmaceutical factory, health product factory and hospital preparation room. With the advent of the mechanized age and the beginning of the industrial age, capsule filling is increasingly on the road of automation, automatic capsule filling arises at the historic moment. As is known to all, China's filling capsules are not as good as foreign products in terms of production speed, production accuracy, equipment operation stability, etc., especially in the aspects of preparation machinery and packaging machinery, we are quite different. Therefore, China's pharmaceutical machinery enterprises need to constantly strengthen technical innovation to promote the development of automatic capsule filling machine. The rapid development of industrial scale production in recent years, under the steady nat


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