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  • The material characteristics of capsule filling machine Fluidity of filling materials The fluidity of filling materials also refers to the smoothness. There are often powder and granule types of filling materials, etc. The fluidity of filling materials will directly affect the control of the accuracy of gel content. The Angle of repose, bulk density, particle size distribution and water content of filled powder or granule directly affect its fluidity. Generally speaking, when the filling powder or granule is piled up, the Angle of rerest of granule is smaller than that of powder, so the fluidity of granule is good, and the filling precision of colloidal filling is easy to control. The bulk density refers to the weight per unit volume of powder or granule. In the filling process, the weight per unit volume is large, the fluidity is good, and the filling precision of capsule filling is easy to control. On the contrary, the weight of unit volume is small, the fluidity is poor, and it i


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  • Problems and solutions of capsule filling machine 1. The capsule is not falling smoothly in the capsule slide, and the outer diameter of individual capsules is too large or blocked by foreign bodies Replace qualified capsules Remove the foreign body with a tool The discharge capsule cannot enter the hole of the capsule plate The opening and closing time of the capsular spring is improper, and the position of the pushing claw and the pressing claw is improper 2. Poor separation of capsule body and cap There is a foreign body on the surface of the air separator The bottom top rod position is improper, the upper and lower bursa plate dislocation. There is a foreign body in the hole of the capsule plate 3. The vacuum tube is not tightly sealed or the vacuum degree cannot meet the requirements Eliminate waste capsules and remove foreign bodies Adjust the position of the jacking rod and tighten the position of the capsule plate Clean filter, check vacuum s


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  • Type of capsule filling machine Capsule filling machine abroad can be divided into two categories by the movement mode of spindle drive table: one is continuous type, the other is intermittent type. They were founded by MG2 (Italy) and Bosch (Germany). Bosch uses intermittent, MG2 uses continuous, and Italy's IMA has both. According to the filling form, it can be divided into two kinds: gravity flow and forced type. According to the structure of metering and filling device (powder/granule and pellet), it can be divided into: metering disc, slide plate, metering pipe, metering tube inserting metering and piston pushing down filling, metering cylinder piston falling metering and gravity flow filling, metering tube plate negative pressure metering and positive pressure filling, etc. The BOSCH models are metering plate and slide plate types, while the MG2 and IMA models are metering tube types. Capsule filling machine is a very precise equipment, whether it is the transmission part,


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  • Material preparation of capsule filling machine If pure drugs are crushed to the appropriate particle size can meet the requirements of plastic filler, can be filled directly, but most drugs in poor mobility and other reasons, need to add certain diluents, lubricants and other accessories to meet the requirements of filling (or clinical medication). Generally, sucrose, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, modified starch, silica, magnesium stearate, talcum powder, HPC and other additives can be added to improve boring fluidity or avoid delamination. It can also be filled after adding auxiliary materials to make particles. Selection and sets, sealing glue of winnowing specification: should choose according to drug filling quantity of the specifications of the empty capsule, first of all, according to the provisions of the drug doses of volume to select the minimum empty capsules, can be determined according to the experience after the fitting, but the commonly used method is that the


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  • What should be paid attention to before the capsule filling machine is used? 1, this equipment is a vibration machinery, should often check the fastening of all parts of the screw, if loose, should be tightened in time, to prevent failure and damage. 2, plexiglass parts (working table plate, medicine plate) should avoid direct sunlight and close to high temperature, can not use heavy objects, medicine plate must be placed vertically or flat, so as to avoid deformation and damage. 3. After finishing the work every day, the residual drugs in the machine and the mold hole should be cleaned to keep the machine clean and sanitary, and avoid flushing the main machine with water. If the mould needs to be cleaned on the machine, the fixing screw can be loosened to take it off. It is easy to install. 4, lock the reducer in the machine, the first time in the cumulative use of 24 hours to change the oil, the second time in the cumulative use of 72 hours to change the oil. After that,


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  • Packaging and transportation of capsule filling machine packaging The equipment is packed in wooden case, put a certain amount of dry inside the machine, and cover the equipment with aluminum foil bag before packing, seal the aluminum foil bag after vacuuming, and then cover the outer box with plastic bag after sealing. The packing boxes shall be printed with signs such as no upside down, no collision, etc., and marked with the position of forklift insertion. Transport The main machine, electric control cabinet, auxiliary machine and parts box of the automatic hard capsule filling machine are installed in the wooden packing box respectively. In the box are the following technical documents: product qualification certificate, product instruction manual, frequency converter manual. The equipment should be firmly fixed on the transport vehicle in the process of transportation, and no rolling or collision is allowed. The equipment is not allowed to be hoisted. It is only allowed to b


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  • Structure device of capsule filling machine The structure of the automatic capsule filling machine is composed of empty capsule feeding device, capsule distributing device, powder feeding device, measuring plate mechanism, capsule filling and sealing mechanism, the main transmission mechanism in the box and electrical control system. 1) Empty capsule feeding device: it is composed of a hopper and a conveying pipeline, which mainly stores the empty capsules and makes the empty capsules vertically enter the general device of the capsules one by one. 2) Capsule distribution device: the empty capsule is put into the sorting fork of the distribution device. The downwards movement of the sorting fork will send six capsules at a time, and the rubber cap is on the top. At the same time, the vacuum separation system passes the capsule into the module and separates the body cap. 3) powder feeding device: it is composed of powder hopper, powder hopper screw, feeding conveying pipe, etc. It ma


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  • Attention to Capsule Filling Machine When checking the machine or changing the mold, it must be rotated with the handle, and the debugging lever must be removed before rotation. The filling machine is suitable for the filling of powder or granule pharmaceutical products, it is not allowed to fill with large pieces of material. For manual operation, one person must operate. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button. When the machine is working, if there is peculiar smell or abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately and find the relevant maintenance personnel to deal with it. In addition to debugging and troubleshooting, the rest of the operation should be carried out under the condition of closing the four protective doors of the machine. It is strictly prohibited to remove the faults and foreign bodies in the machine with hands or tools when the machine is running. In order to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the production environment, the fault an


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  • Vacuum separator adjustment of capsule filling machine The vacuum separator moves up and down once for each working station of the machine. The working position of the vacuum separator has been adjusted when the product leaves the factory, and there is no need to adjust it generally. If need to adjust can be divided into two vacuum separator adjustment at the same time and respectively adjustment of two methods; Adjustment method is to use the handle at the same time turn the main motor shaft, making vacuum separator to rise to higher position, loosen the machine panel under the lock nut on the end of a regulating rod (left, right screw thread) turn adjusting screw to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, (its separation module under the plane and the plane of the clearance of 0 ~ 0.03 mm) and then lock nut and the reinspection do not coincide several times, until the right. If there are two vacuum separators in the high point, the clearance between the two upper planes and the


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  • Adjustment of capsule filling machine before operation 1) Switch on the power. 2) Check that all safety Settings are properly equipped and adjusted. 3) Without the capsule and powder, use the hand wheel to rotate the machine in the direction of operation for 1-3 times. After it is considered normal, the capsule and powder are put into the capsule bucket respectively. The height of the powder into the bucket should be 60mm lower than the high of the container. At the same time, the metering and distribution room should be more than half of the powder. 4) Adjust the filling rod preset and insert the depth of the metering plate. 5) After everything is adjusted well, press the main engine to start the switch, and the switch can be started for automatic operation after the normal operation. 6) Speed adjustment is carried out when the main motor is running.


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