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If you want to know more about the blister packaging machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the blister packaging machine industry. More news about blister packaging machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more blister packaging machine information!
  • Blister packaging machine production position requirements 1: Site clearance inspection confirmation before production: check that the operator's tooling, work shoes, masks are clean, wearing, and personal hygiene meets the requirements. Pay special attention to checking employees. Check production operation room to meet production process requirements. Check the production site (ground, table, container, equipment, guide rail, etc.) no unrelated to this batch of production. Check whether the equipment and container are in good condition and clean. Check whether there is verification certificate, and within the validity period. Calibrate the weighing instrument. Make clearance check and confirm record before production. 2: according to the issued, take the batch record to the material station (a) take out the corresponding material with the material list and the batch record, take the inner package material handover sheet (two) receive the packaging material, check the receiving pack


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  • The prospect of blister packaging machine DPP plate type aluminum bubble cover packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine which can automatically complete bag-making, material metering and filling, exhaust or aeration, sealing and cutting with flexible packaging material that can be heat sealed. This kind of packing machine is suitable for a wide range of powder, granular, flake, block, material, fluid and semi-fluid and gas materials. It is one of the packaging machines with rapid development and widespread application in recent decades. And their applications are expanding and packaging speed is increasing. DPP type flat aluminum bubble cover packaging machine to complete a function of different actuators function is the same, but its performance and specifications are different. If the different parts of a function are regarded as a module, the different parts in the module can be selected to form different types of products with different specifications, so the mod


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  • Blister packaging machine cover material Aluminum foil is the main composition of the cover material, but also the packaging material with excellent barrier performance. The pinhole is the fatal defect of its penetrability. In the packaging, transportation and storage process of milk sheet, it is inevitable to rub and squeeze, so that the pinhole aperture or range of aluminum foil material increases, and there will be obvious creases. These places will cause the accelerated penetration of gas and water vapor, affecting the stability of aluminum foil material barrier performance. In general, two methods can be used to accurately assess the pinhole condition and barrier properties of cap material. One is to use the rubbing test instrument to apply the rubbing behavior that may be encountered in the circulation process of the cover mouth material, and the number of pinholes of the cover mouth material can be quickly tested by turpentine. The second is to test the barrier properties of t


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  • Blister packaging machine feeding filling Elastic yellow hose is stainless steel filament winding dense hose, commonly used ten to make the capsule aluminum bubble cover packaging, the inner diameter of the tube is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the capsule, can ensure that the tube only storage single row of capsules. Attention should be paid to ensure that the hose does not bend, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the cavity in the tube. Usually, with the help of the vibration of the whole machine, the hose shakes itself, so that the cavity can be stored in the lower exit. There are many forms of spring mechanism, can use ratchet, intermittent toggle spring opening and closing, and ensure that each lift once, only release a capsule, can also use the gap reciprocating motion opening and closing spring, release a capsule at a time. In the mechanism setting, there is usually a row of hoses with an intermittent mechanism to ensure linkage. Inspection using artificial or pho


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  • Blister packaging machine character printing Word using the utility model for steel box and steel words in print have been heated to a certain temperature, the recycling cylinder movement driven shock ribbon steel word, steel words printed characters to be printed on, so increased the ribbon printing ink to be printed the caking ability of things, at the same time with color ink can be used more bright-coloured color, color to distinguish be printed material, Even if the background color of the printed object is light or reflective. Furthermore, the placement of an overrunning clutch helps the ribbon not to be reprinted. Overrunning clutch itself nature is its inner shaft between the outer axis is unidirectional rotation, reply when the cylinder movement (impact with ribbon in the opposite direction), driving steel type box back movement, set on the thimble contradicting the shifter lever, outside the shifter lever and the clutch shaft is fixed edge, so it drive shaft rotation, w


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  • Blister packaging machine work characteristics Plate type blister packaging machine operation process and way of working: molding plastic is heated to softening at plate type preheating to remove plastic state, by step remove traction to the plate type forming remove, reduce air will soften hard blow molding of plastic (or stamping molding) into a blister, disassembly will be filling packaging filling into the blister, then transfer to a plate type sealing disassembly, Under the appropriate temperature and pressure, the plastic sheet of the cage cover is sealed with aluminum foil, and finally sent to typing, stamping and punching for disassembly. The batch number is punched out, the broken line is pressed out, and the plate is punched into the specified size. Namely; Molded plastic sheet unwinding → pre-holding → blow molding → material filling → sealing aluminum foil with cage cover → marking batch number → pressure breaking line → stepping → punching cutting → waste collection. In r


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  • Blister packaging machine operation sequence 1. Conditions before work: the last production clearance is qualified, and the indoor temperature and humidity are qualified. Personnel hygienic dress qualified. The machine is in good condition. 2. Preparation before packaging: prepare the hard sheet, aluminum foil and active drug (such as powder and granule) suitable for the packaging capsule before packaging. The cooling water system is supplied by normal circulation. 3. Special personnel are responsible for checking the power supply line: use the power supply under safe and normal conditions. Check whether the machine is normal, such as smooth running, running sound is abnormal, running parts are smooth and smooth. Whether the fixed parts are loose and so on. Make a thorough and careful examination. To ensure the normal and safe packaging of the machine. 4. Procedures, methods and precautions: Strictly follow the instructions of the machine. Special personnel shall be responsible for


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  • Basic conditions of blister packaging machine heat sealing There are many ways of heat sealing, about sealing packaging materials aluminum foil and PVC in the mesh drum and heat sealing rolling simple action, at the same time into the sealing state to form heat sealing tape. The effect of heat sealing is determined by temperature, time and pressure. The ideal conditions of heat sealing should be low temperature, long time, high pressure, small deformation of PVC, clear and bright net pattern, crisp bubble cover, no serious compression and good heat sealing. To shorten the heat sealing time, the temperature must be increased correspondingly, which leads to poor sealing conditions. In order to obtain ideal and satisfactory heat sealing effect, the method of adjusting heat radiation and pre-heating temperature to compensate time variation was adopted to obtain the ideal heat sealing property. In order to facilitate the operation, usually in the sealing process as a certain value of pr


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  • The operation process of blister packaging machine The PVC sheet on the drum passes through the guide roller, and the PVC sheet is evenly unrolled by the rotation of the roller forming mold. The semi-arc heater heats the forming mold to the softening degree. The bubble hole of the forming mold rotates to the appropriate position and the vacuum system of the machine is understood, and the SOFTENED PVC sheet is formed instantly. The molded PVC sheet passes through the hopper or the feeding machine, and the tablet is filled into the bubble shell. Active roller in the continuous rotation of a thermal device only similar to the molding groove on the surface, drag the active roller as have some pills to PVC foam nest to move forward, the surface with a checkered hot pressing on the active roller, roller pressure using the temperature and pressure will cover material (aluminum foil) and PVC sealing, sealing PVC blister sheet after the use of a series of guide roller, Intermittent movement


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  • Blister packaging machine molding problem solution As we all know, bubble cover molding is PVC film (hard sheet) heated through the mold, and the use of compressed air or vacuum molding for the required shape and size of the bubble cover principle, so when forming the bubble cover problems, need to solve from these aspects PVC film (hard) is qualified products; Whether the temperature of heating device is too high or too low; Whether the surface of the heating device is adhered to PVC; Whether the forming mold is qualified, whether the forming hole is smooth, whether the air hole is unobstructed; Whether the cooling system of forming mould works normally and effectively; The vacuum degree and exhaust rate of roller negative pressure forming can reach the normal value, and the pipeline has no abnormal loss; Flat positive pressure forming compressed air is clean, dry, pressure, flow can reach the normal value, there is no abnormal loss in the pipeline; Flat positive pressure formi


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