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These are related to the Tablet press news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Tablet press and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Tablet press market.
  • The parts of the tablet press Tablet press turntable Machine turntable is the main operating part of tablet press. There are upper and lower bearing components, spindle, turntable and other main components. The main shaft is supported on the bearing, driven by the worm gear pair, spline connection, drive the main shaft, so that the turntable rotates. Tablet press track The track has the cylinder CAM and plane CAM composed of the upper track and the lower track, which is the track of the movement of the upper and lower thrust rod. The upper track is composed of the upper up track, the upper down track, the upper up parallel track, the upper down parallel track, and the lower rail. They are fastened separately to the upper track disk. The lower track is composed of downthrust upward track, downthrust downward track and filling track. They are mounted separately on the lower rail seat. Filling regulating unit The filling adjusting unit is used to adjust the weight of tablets. The fi


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  • Pressing wheel failure of tablet press and its solution The pressing wheel part can be divided into the upper pressing wheel and the lower pressing wheel, which is also the device to adjust the pressure of tablets and increase the protection. The common failure problems are: (1) pressure wheel wear (2) the pressure wheel shaft bearing is short of oil or damaged Analysis and solutions: (1) the serious wear of the outer circle of the pressure wheel leads to large positive force at the tail of the punch rod. The pressure wheel must be replaced. When the inner hole of the pressure wheel and the pressure wheel shaft are seriously worn, the pressure wheel or the pressure wheel shaft must be replaced. In addition, sometimes the fracture of the press wheel shaft is mainly caused by excessive pressure. Most of the fracture is caused by improper adjustment of the material pressure. At this time, the press wheel shaft needs to be replaced, the material needs to be adjusted and the


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  • The turntable failure of tablet press and its solution The turntable of the rotary tablet press is a circular disc, and the punching rod holes and the middle die holes are evenly distributed in the periphery. When the punching rod rotates under the drive of the main shaft, the punching rod moves up and down along the curved guide rail, so as to complete the tablet pressing process. The rotary table is the main working part of the tablet press. In the continuous working process, the common failure problems are: (1) punch hole or die hole after long-term wear caused by two holes coaxiality does not meet the requirements (2) The upward movement of the turntable affects the filling or the flake release (3) the loosening of the top wire of the middle die causes the upward movement of the middle die (4) the top wire of the middle die does not work Analysis and solutions: (1) in the process of use, punching rod hole and die hole due to different degrees of wear will likely appear diffe


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  • Tablet press started 1) Turn the main power switch of the tablet press clockwise to rotate it from the horizontal state (OFF state) to the vertical state (ON state). At this time, the touch screen ON the panel starts to work. 2) Press the blue reset button (R) on the control panel. 3) Turn the power switch on the control panel clockwise, turn it from off position (O) to open position (│ 0), then the digital tables on the panel start to work. 4) Set the time and other parameters of each step in the tablet pressing process on the touch screen. 5) Rotate the pressure adjusting handle to set the pressure of the platen (it should be set when the platen is closed). 6) Press the temperature adjustment button of the temperature controller on the operation panel to set the temperature of the upper and lower platens. 7) Set cooling parameters on the programmed cooling controller (programmed cooling) or the touch screen (rapid cooling) on the operation panel. 8) Start the


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  • Main mechanism of tablet press 1. Structure of the turntable: the turntable is the main implementation of the machine. It is composed of upper and lower bearing assembly, spindle, turntable and other main parts. 5 (7,9) punch dies are evenly distributed on the circumference of the turntable, and the torque is transferred between the turntable and the spindle by the flat key. The spindle is supported on the bearing, driven by the worm gear pair and connected by splines. The spindle is rotated to make the turntable rotate. 2. Track mechanism: the track has the cylinder CAM and plane CAM composed of the upper track and the lower track, which is the track of the upper and lower stroke rod movement. The upper track is composed of up rushing up track, up rushing down track, up rushing up parallel track, up rushing down parallel track, down track and so on. They are fastened on the upper track disk respectively. The lower track is composed of upthrust downthrust track, downthrust upthrust t


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  • Preparation of tablet press before production ① Check whether there is a clearance mark in the operation room, and whether the tools and containers are clean and dry within the validity period. Otherwise, the clearance shall be carried out according to the clearance standard operating procedures and passed the OA inspection, and the clearance certificate shall be filled in before the next operation can be carried out. ②according to the requirements to choose the appropriate tablet equipment, equipment to have a "qualified" sign, "has been cleaned" sign, and check the condition of the equipment, confirm that the equipment is normal, can be used. ③Clean equipment, containers, tools, workstations. Adjust the electronic balance to check whether the mold is clean and dry, and whether it meets the production instructions. If necessary, wipe it with 75% ethanol for disinfection. ④Fill in the material requisites according to the production instructions, and get the tablets with particles f


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  • Powder tablet press Powder tablet press is a small basket type tablet press. It is one of the necessary equipment for processing granulated raw materials into tablets or granules in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industrial departments. It is suitable for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals and other departments to press tablets, precision ceramics, new materials, new energy, superconductivity, building materials, infrared spectrophotometer, X-ray fluorescence analysis, calcium and iron analyzer, contact coal, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgy, electronic components and a variety of agricultural fertilizer tablets. It can suppress various kinds of special shape and annular tablets, and can suppress double-sided tablet engraved with trademarks, text and simple graphics, used for the large size of tablet production of Chinese and western pharmaceutical industry, at the same time apply dry chemical, food, ShenZi industri


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  • Tablet press operation (1) The standard operating procedure for pressing tablet equipment is to install the middle die, the upper punching, the lower punching, the powder scraper, the feed hopper, the flow tray, the exhaust pipe of the dust removal machine in turn, and to install and connect the tablet powder remover. The installation of the special shape pressing die: mount the punching die, and position the middle die with the punching die. And according to the number of the mold into the number. Other procedures are the same as ordinary tablet pressing. And other production equipment ready. (2) rotate the handwheel by hand, make the turntable rotate 1-2 times, after confirming that there is no abnormality, close the glass door, put the right amount of particles into the hopper, manually test the pressure, adjust the tablet weight, pressure, measure the tablet weight and the difference of the tablet weight, disassembling time, hardness, confirm that it meets the requirements and be


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  • Structure of Forced Feeder of Tablet Press The influence of the structure of the forced feeder on the filling stability The structure of the forced feeder mainly consists of three parts, each of which is analyzed as follows: (1) the power conversion part, its role is to reduce the motor output shaft one-way rotation into the reverse rotation of the dial impeller, that is, the relative rotation of the two impellers, the material from the hopper down to the rotary table in the die hole; (2) the supporting part (that is, the auxiliary part), its role is to force the feeder positioning on the main body, the turntable has reliable and close positioning requirements; (3) the material impeller and the material cavity part, which is the part of the forced feeder that has a direct impact on the filling stability of the material. In the design of the impeller and the material chamber, the design should take into account this problem: is to ensure the flow of material; Still do not


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  • Mechanical conditions of tablet press Tablet press is another element of sheet forming. The quality of tablets is directly affected by the performance of the specifications, the mechanical condition of the equipment in operation and some important parts of the tablet press, such as the wear of the die. (1) from the size of the model, rotary tablet press than the impact of the tablet press pressure, and uniform, sliver phenomenon is easy to control. Because the feeding hopper is fixed, the machine vibration is small, the particle stratification phenomenon is less, the sheet weight is accurate and stable. But the rotary tablet press has a variety of single-track and dual-track models. In the production of sliver, loose sliver, sheet weight difference, to consider the double track press speed, particle compression time is shorter than the monorail type, easy to produce sliver, loose sliver phenomenon. At this time should pay attention to the appropriate increase pressure, slow down


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